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Alain Sarfati

Partner, Chief Architect of SAREA Master Studio
Architect, Urban designer
“A city is the most accomplished embodiment of a society and a civilization, and architecture is the realization of dreams.”

French Registered Architect
Officer of the Order of French Arts and Letters
French Knight of National Merit
Knights of the National Legion of Honor


Alain Sarfati graduated from the National Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Department of Urban Planning at the University of Paris. He once taught at the Nancy School of Architecture, and then served as a professor and project director at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris until 2005. He created the architectural design magazine AMC and served as the vice chairman of the French National Construction Planning Committee and the vice chairman of the National Architects Association Council. He is the gold medal winner of the French House Construction Hall of Fame competition, an academic of the French Academy of Building Sciences, and of the French Ministry of Public Construction Quality Consulting (MIQCP). Mr. Sarfati pays attention to the bioclimate and to future users. He always responds to various situations through diversified channels and forms, and through research and innovation combined with the actual situation, he unremittingly seeks to play the role of the architectural society. His main works are: the architectural design of the French Embassy in China, the architectural design of the French Air and Space Museum, the architectural design of the Pantheon Teaching Center of the University of Paris, the architectural design of the French Roanne Multifunctional Celebration Center, and the architectural design of the Toulouse Opera House.

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