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Thierry Melot

Partner, Chairman
Architect, Urban designer
“For architects, there are no secrets other than work.”

French Registered Architect
Knights of Honor of the French National Legion
Brittany Architecture Prize
Former Vice President of the French Association of Overseas Architects


Mr Thierry Melot graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Paris in 1970. He is the exporter of French architectural design and urban planning concepts. His projects involve architecture, neighborhoods, cities and regions. The art and sculptures of black Africa gave him the initial inspiration for his career. In his own designs, Thierry Melot tried to combine the basic principles of modernity with the requirements of the people of the newly independent countries for the identity of the buildings. As an architect, Thierry Melot has always strived to achieve a delicate balance between constructive rationality and expressive sensibility. After making great academic achievements in Africa, he returned to France to participate in a large number of European architecture and urban practices, and through the co-founding of Afex (French Overseas Architects Association), he continued to export French concepts to the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. His mainworks include: the planning of Senegal's new capital, Lyon’s old central district renovation plan, La Défense CBD renovation plan, French Chateaulin High School, Zhuhai Hengqin New District urban design, Hefei Binhu New District urban complex architectural design, etc. .

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