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Thierry Huau

Partner, Chief Landscape Architect of ATH Master Studio
Landscape Architect, Urban Planner
“When plant science became the core of his career, the gardener brought irreplaceable credibility and added value to urban projects.”

Registered Landscape Architect in France
French Knights of National Merit


Mr Thierry Huau graduated from the French National Institute of Landscape Architecture in 1985 and is an ethnobotanist. Huau uses his passion for plants, and uses plants to serve urban planning, real estate and tourism projects. For him, the landscape design is naturally produced based on the overall consideration of the land elements. He is very sensitive to the history and unique culture of a region, and puts the issue of heritage value at the center of each of his projects. In 1994, he participated in an international competition for the renovation of Beirut's historical center, and won the grand prize of the competition based on regional memory as the development theme. In 2001, he again won the top prize in the "TERRA BOTANICA" competition in the Angers Botanical Park. His design method of paying tribute to Monet through the landscape in the special exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris is impressive, and his landscape planning at the Disney PVCP is fascinating. As an advocate of ecology, Thierry Huau participated in the construction of multiple ecological districts and more than 300 gardens. These projects are located in Europe, North Africa, the South Pacific and Asia.

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