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Liguo Li

Partner, General Manager of China
Architect, Urban Planner
“Urban public space should not be the survivors after maximizing the benefits of the surrounding plots, but a place where the vitality of the city is displayed and the development of surrounding plots is restricted.”

French Registered Architect
Master's Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning



Mr. Liguo Li graduated from the Department of Urban Planning of Tongji University in Shanghai in 2004. In 2007, he obtained a master's degree in urban planning under the guidance of Professor George Conabel, the dean of the Paris School of Urban Planning. In 2005, he entered the Belleville School of Architecture in Paris and began to get involved in the field of architecture. He obtained a master's degree in architecture under the guidance of Michel Kagan in 2008, and obtained the qualification of a French registered architect in 2010. Mr. Li is a firm advocate of modernist architecture. He believes that all decorations should first follow the rationality of function and engineering, but this does not prevent him from creating rich and warm architectural spaces through simple and plain architectural languages; He believes that public space is the priority part of architecture, landscape, and urban design and it requires quality assurance. Free flow, place experience, and cultural ownership are the highest levels of public space design. The main representative works are: Urban and Landscape Design of Zhuhai Hengqin New Area, Dongguan Marina Bay Landscape Promenade Planning and Design, Songzhuang Cultural and Creative Industry Cluster Strategic Planning, Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen International Design Institute, Chengdu Eastern New District Financial Center architectural design.

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