Lecture on Sustainable Urban Development in Africa

Lecture on Sustainable Urban Development in Africa


At the invitation of CESEC, the National Economic and Social Commission of Cote d 'Ivoire, Mr. Thierry Melot, founder of IFAD, gave a lecture on Sustainable cities -- Challenges of African urban development in the era of globalization and low carbon. Fifteen ministers attended. Africa, especially West Africa, is the geographical region with the lowest per capita carbon emissions in the world, but has the highest population growth rate. A good solution to the problem of sustainable urbanization in Africa will not only solve the problems of people's livelihood in Africa, but also play a huge role in promoting the global industrial division of labor and the fight against climate change.



The lecture on sustainable urban development in Africa received a strong response from the community. Mr. Thierry Melot and Mr. Li Liguo were closely received by Mr. ACHI, Prime Minister of Cote d 'Ivoire, and Mr. KONE, Minister of Construction. Africa is the continent with the fastest population growth rate, and the success of sustainable urban development is of global importance. The global experience of IFAD Architects in planning and designing new cities, especially the 20-year experience of being deeply involved in urban construction in China, has an important reference role for African urban construction and people's life happiness.


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