IFAD won the 2022 Paris Design Award

IFAD won the 2022 Paris Design Award


In early July 2022, the list of winners of the Paris Design Award was announced. The French Master Garden in Nanjing Garden Expo Garden, designed by the French IFAD architectural design firm, won the Paris International Design Award.



The Paris Design Award is the highest accolade for the work of international architects and designers. It aims to showcase the most influential and internationally recognized designers and their works in the industry. The winning works are by leading and authoritative designers in the industry. selected and commended.


Mr. Thierry Huau is the chief designer of the project. The French garden simulates  a unique landscape vitality on a damaged and uneven site. In this space of about 1700 square meters, the unique garden art characteristics of the four major periods of France are abbreviated. First, visitors are immersed in the French cultural scene through spatial limitations and combinations such as Parisian image boundaries, cafe paving, patterned decorative partitions, clay pots and copper pot sketches, and secondly through French classical gardens (17th century), industrial revolution period (18th century), etc. Century), the Impressionist period (19th century) and the naturalist period (20th century), the four major landscape sequences illustrate the evolution of the essence of French gardens, resulting in four different stages of garden landscapes: French classical gardens, plant erosion industrialism, Impressionist gardens. Water and ruins, as well as the naturalism of all things moving; finally, an overhead walkway runs through the entire garden to allow visitors to follow the pedestrian flow line, and enjoy the amazing landscape regenerated in the ruins from an overlooking perspectives.



Winning link: https://dna.paris/winner/zoom.php?eid=71-89035-22






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