Mr. Thierry Melot was awarded the "Knight of the French Legion of Honor"

Mr. Thierry Melot was awarded the "Knight of the French Legion of Honor"


Speech by Prime Minister Jean Pierre Raffarin:

This is really challenging! Hi everyone, Mr. Melot, please come closer. You are the main person involved in the event I am about to announce. We are in a beautiful venue for the crowning of a sailor.

I will tell you about Mr. Melot, because he will enter the National Legion of Honor, if you agree.

The National Legion of honor does not mean that you are perfect: I see that you have occupied all the continents with your paintbrush, and it looks perfect. But not exactly, even if it is very close. To be honest, I saw some young people, and here is one: a society that cannot tolerate and recognize that it brings great value to it is an ignorant society.

I am very honored to introduce you to enter the Legion of Honor. You are an architect who has attracted and motivated two great figures, President Senghor and President Abdou Diouf (Prime Minister of President Senghor), African presidents who have played a huge historical role: these precious experiences in Africa finally shine on our own country.

President Mitterrand is very perceptive. He saw a talent like you, a talent who can be developed and honor France. It is this kind of attention that allows you to appear around the presidents. Of course, one of them is the prime minister, Raymond Barre. In fact, he also had a good chance of becoming the president (just a little bit). Your urban design project for the two rivers of Lyon Confluence was awarded during his time as mayor of Lyon

Outside of Europe and Africa, you also worked in some other countries, especially China, which has huge challenges. It is here where I heard your story. Frankly speaking, if we are respected by China, it should be attributed to our architects. French architects are very respected in China and everywhere. This is the ability that you have in your business, and you have acquired this ability very early.

We see you as a relatively complex character, because you are both spiritual and material; sensual and strong; you can accurately control certain technologies and at the same time control uncertainty.

Then, there are architectural masterpieces in your workon one hand, with the environment, the community, or the area where the masterpiece is located: in fact, you are also a sailor! You have the boat as material support, and at the same time you have the willpower of spirit, the willpower to surpass the sea breeze.

This is the disposition of this creator. He makes French architecture more glorious. His architecture can be rooted in French culture through logic and friendship. Of course, this is your own honor, and I am very happy to give Congratulations, but this is also the honor of our country, and that is why I can tell the Legion of Honor today: Thank you for letting Mr. Melot join in to the Legion of Honor sequence!

Mr Melot, in the name of the President of the French Republic, I would like to grant you the Knight of the French Legion of Honor in accordance with the authority granted to you.


Mr. Thierry Melot’s Appreciation speech:

"The Republic today gave me a great honor through this ceremony, and the pressure of praise, my dear Jean-Pierre Raffarin, a Frenchman who has given so much to France and in China Of you.

I first want to dedicate this medal to my memory of those who have passed away. They are my brother Philippe Melot, my friend Christian Hauvette and Paul Andrew, three people who were gone too soon.

I told myself that I could lose myself tonight and leave my rigorous scope of work for a short time—architectural design, to enjoy my honor, and tell everyone my understanding of this ancient Latin term, honor, it still hasn’t been there after so many centuries.

The meaning of honor represents the Greco-Roman part of our civilization. We are fortunate that this part of civilization is softened by our humility; honor also comes from our deep Judea and Christianity. It is these two parts that made France. It was this that transformed the warrior into a knight.

The factors that enabled me to be shaped are firstly attributed to the heritage of civilization. Without these accumulations, the art of building cities would be completely lost; secondly, the vision brought by the requirements and pride of the profession; and finally, a strong will that enables me to stand up. Overcoming all difficulties is the duty of the nobility, isn't it?

Leopold Senghor, President of Senegal, a graduate of the Normal University, a poet, and an academic. Acquaintance with him was decisive for me. Since the start of a series of projects he gave me, he told me straight forwardly: the honor comes from the cultivation of my successors and leaving a place for them.

Finally, Raymond Barre, a prime minister who will always be remembered, and later as the mayor of Lyon, after choosing my plan as the urban design plan for the two rivers of Lyon Confluence, he said that he must give this task to a person who creates the impossible.

I believe that the meaning of honor is also a key. It is passed to me by the women and men I have met through their ways. These have guided me forward, and share success and face the battle with me. I am very Proud to think only in our way, we have also created a chivalry spirit, which is lofty and long-lasting, its rules, standards, and values: the art of builders.

On the contrary, what I am convinced is that if the world can exist without architects, it cannot be without architectural art. And this kind of art would not exist without the participation of men and women with honor. It needs to be driven by a soul engine, as Simone Weil said, in order to think about it, lead and persist, while heading towards a chaotic future, where humans fall back and their eyes are drawn onto a smartphone screen.

Because honor belongs to everyone, there is no protection circle, it is assigned to a collective, where everyone can and has the obligation to share and bear his part, if he also wants to fulfill his life dream.

Thank you all, all ladies and gentlemen for your enthusiasm, now let us drink champagne with all our hearts!"

Important guests such as Ms. Yu Jinsong, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in France, and Ms. Catherine Ruggeri, the inspection team leader of the French Ministry of Culture attended the testimony. Local government officials, investors, developers, design colleagues, relatives and friends gathered together to celebrate this wonderful moment. Mr. Philippe Fabre and Mr. Li Liguo, partners of French Architectural Design Firm, were invited to attend the award ceremony.



△From right to left: Ms. Yu Jinsong, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in France
Mr. Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former Prime Minister of France
Mr. Terry Melot, Founder of  IFAD
Mr.  Liguo LI, Partner of IFAD

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